AVIrem StickMover

The StickMover is a training device that makes the executed control inputs of a flight figure noticeable. For this purpose, the sticks are actively driven on the SickMover. You look at a flight sequence on the monitor and the necessary stick movements are output on the StickMover. So you can feel exactly how you have to steer to fly the shown figure.
You can customize the mode you use, the speed of training and the expo of the sticks to suit your needs. We see the StickMover as a supplement to our hobby, which helps to find mistakes, to learn new characters and to have fun with it.
The StickMover looks like a normal remote control, but instead of controlling an aircraft, the StickMover guides you step by step through a flying figure. As you track the flight on the screen, your fingers are actively moving in the right direction. By watching and feeling you learn so intuitively.
If you’re stuck with a figure, are looking for a mistake, or want to learn new characters faster, the StickMover is the right choice for you.

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